Your Story Matters.

Free 10 Day Instagram Challenge to
Promote & Grow Your Massage Practice 
Starts Monday January 29th 2018

This Challenge is for Massage Therapists Who:

  • want to define and share their story.
  • believe in delivering amazing bodywork 
  • don’t know where to start with Instagram or don’t know how to accelerate their growth
  • create dynamic experiences for their clients
  • want to work with more people
  • practice with integrity and want to shape the image of our industry
  • continue to grow in their craft 
  • possess outstanding skills but no platform to show them off.

Hi, my name is Ben Brown and I am a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist. Since my start in 2004, I wanted more from my massage practice than the conventional description. As I strived to become a better therapist, I developed my vision for the craft and saw a correlation between creativity, art and massage therapy.

I also realized that others were defining the work and lumping me in there as well. Somewhere in the process, I understood that I have to change the narrative to fit my viewpoint. As I continued to learn and grow, I found my way and started to tell my story.

I understand the power of sharing a unique message and how that allows those searching for your skills, your insight and your gifts to find you. The story of "why" you do what you do is powerful. It creates value and differentiates you from other therapists in practice. This creates a particular sweet spot where you are no longer in competition with another therapist. 

When you embrace this thought, you realize your success has nothing to do with anyone else. Your only true competitor is yourself. Therefore your success DOES NOT have to come at the expense of anyone else, nor should anyone else’s success come at the expense of yours. You are now free to collaborate with others to raise all boats.

I believe that you can be you and succeed, while I am being me. The world needs to see that message. When you begin to express your story, people will begin to see you. 

Share your why, your vision and grow with us.



Ben Brown, LMT
When more therapists begin to share the "why" of their practice, more people will understand what we do.
Ideas Gather Like Clouds,
as do people with vision.

I trust that you want to be in the same sky as we are.
Step in the light and shine.
If no one knows you're out there doing the work, how will they find you and how will you stay in business? 

ou help people with your unique perspective and skills on how the body operates. You use massage therapy to improve lives.

It's more than increasing range of motion. It's about giving someone the ability to enjoy their body fully, to run with their kids or have more space to think clearly or deal with stress better. Your work creates so much more than you acknowledge.

Your client wont die, if they don't get a massage with you. However when people feel better, they live better and your work contributes to their success.

Your gifts are that important. You enable your clients to  connect, move and often blossom in their bodies. This is and the other wonderful things you do are part of the story you need to share.

Join us January 29th - February 8th 2018
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We share our stories
January 29th, 2018

Ok, Now I'm In

You Define How the World Understands Your Gifts
"I really believe in the philosophy that you create your own universe. I'm just trying to create a good one for myself."
- Jim Carrey
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